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top quality bop
test unit design
Over 15 years without a single failure and their solid performance continues to lead the drilling industry. We have also designed and built customized test units for several drilling companies.
deepwater riser flange hr-33 & hr-40
Riser Tools can apply as much as 40,000 ft. lbs. of torque. These self contained tools use rig hydraulics without a booster or control system and the torque and speed can be controlled by the operator.
multi station test systems
Clover’s CTU- 20 is taking offshore hydrostatic testing to a new level. With this multiple control station system; filling, testing and shut-off can be controlled from different consoles on the rig.

About Clover Tool Company

Top Quality BOP Test Unit Design. In the late 1990’s we began manufacturing our own specialized products to streamline our customers' operations. With customer input combined with our hydraulics experience in the oilfield drilling industry, we developed the CTU-20P, the industry’s first dual, explosion proof electric hydrostatic test unit for testing BOPs, and affiliated items in 1998. Soon after, we began developing a dual BOP test unit with twin station capability to test two stations simultaneously providing even greater safety, flexibility and operating capabilities to rig operators.

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With several hundred Clover BOP (hydrostatic) test units in the field over the past 13 years without a single failure, their solid performance continues to lead the oilfield drilling industry.

• Units engineered to meet specific customer performance requirements with a variety of options and performance capabilities.

• Complete line of specialized tools to make your project faster, safer, and more economical.

• Most equipment is available for rental or lease.

• Emergency sales and service available twenty-four hours a day

Most Clover Tool equipment is available for rental or lease. Contact your sales representative for details.
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