For over 30 years Clover Tool Company has raised the bar to new heights with their  full range of hydrostatic  BOP testing, power fastening and bolting tools. With unmatched service and  wide selection of heavy duty testing and fastening systems, Clover serves the industrial and oil and gas industries both offshore and onshore.

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With over 100 CLOVER BOP (Hydrostatic) Test Units in the field over the past 10 years without a single failure their solid performance continues to lead the oilfield drilling industry.
We have also designed and built customized test units for several drilling companies.

- Solves low overhead clearance problems

- Substantial time savings in nipple up operation

- Slim profile magnetic head

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The Clover Tool Company CRP-MR/DT-M72/2K-3 Riser Tool Package contains all the tools a rig needs to operate the latching dogs/bosses on the MR6 & DT Series Riser rapidly, safely, and with virtually no damage to dogs/bosses on the riser itself. 

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Most Clover Tool equipment is available for rental or lease. Contact your sales representative for details.


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Latest News

Check out our new Run Down Tool as seen on television's Modern Marvels.


Trilex Clover Tool now offers custom triplex pumps with custom and standard fluid end offerings in pressures from 5,000 to 45,000 psi. Pumps are available in horsepower ranging from 10 to 200 and are compatible with glycol, water and acids. Temperatures range up to 170F. Contact Clover for more details.