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Most Clover products are USA made and all represent the latest technology and the highest quality available.
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Mission Statement

To fulfill our customer's expectations for high quality, robust, reliable effective products and services that satisfy their requirements. We will do this in a prompt, courteous, effecient manner, providing the customer with the solutionsrequired while simultaneously providing high payback and growth for the company and employees.

Vision Statement

We will be recognized as a global, premier supplier of services for the oil and gas industry both offshore and onshore. Organizational excellence will be driven by providing customers superior quality through continuous product and process improvement. Our focus will be in areas where we can dominate and achieve significant success.

Clover Tool Company

Top Quality BOP Test Unit Design. In the late 1990’s we began manufacturing our own specialized products to streamline our customers' operations. With customer input combined with our hydraulics experience in the oilfield drilling industry, we developed the CTU-20P, the industry’s first dual, explosion proof electric hydrostatic test unit for testing BOPs, and affiliated items in 1998. Soon after, we began developing a dual BOP test unit with twin station capability to test two stations simultaneously providing even greater safety, flexibility and operating capabilities to rig operators. After 15 years of production and 5 generations of upgrading, and with several hundred units in the field, no CLOVER test unit has ever experienced a major failure. The solid performance of the CTU20-P continues to lead the industry. We have also designed and built customized test units for several drilling companies.

Pneumatic nutrunners, impact wrenches, riser tools and more. In addition to hydrostatic test units, we carry one of the most complete lines of pneumatic and hydraulic fastening tools and accessories. From simple onshore flange work to offshore BOPs, wellheads, deepwater riser joints, subsea equipment, etc., we have a complete line of specialized tools to make your project faster, safer, and more economical. For critical connections and to speed operations in the drilling, production and process industries, Clover Tool Company carries a complete line of hydraulic wrenches, stud tensioners, and nut splitters.

We service what we sell. Most Clover products are USA made and all represent the latest technology and the highest quality available. We service the products we handle and our competitors’ products as well. We are proud of our history and good reputation in this industry and strive every day to provide customers the highest quality products and service available.