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Clover Tool Brochure

With unmatched service and a wide selection of heavy-duty testing and fastening systems, Clover serves the industrial, oil and gas industries both offshore and onshore.


Safety in Numbers
With several hundred Clover BOP (hydrostatic) test units in the field over the past 13 years without a single failure, their solid performance continues to lead the oilfield drilling industry.

Mission Statement

To fulfill our customer's expectations for high quality, robust, reliable effective products and services that satisfy their requirements. We will do this in a prompt, courteous, effecient manner, providing the customer with the solutionsrequired while simultaneously providing high payback and growth for the company and employees.

Vision Statement

We will be recognized as a global, premier supplier of services for the oil and gas industry both offshore and onshore. Organizational excellence will be driven by providing customers superior quality through continuous product and process improvement. Our focus will be in areas where we can dominate and achieve significant success.