Clover Tool Company

15,000 PSI Test Unit


BOPs, hoses, valve(s), valve systems, manifolds, riser lines, etc.; single unit; includes complete valving for use in test operation (2.85 GPM) on one work station.

  • 1 ea triplex pump (proprietary design) (SS)
  • 1 ea 25 HP motor (electric, explosion proof) for max performance.
  • Completely explosion proof electrical system/box (440 VAC).
  • Class I Division I explosion proof rated (for placement up to/including Class A Critical areas).
  • To provide min. >2.5 GPM @ 15,000 psi.
  • Normal max test operating pressure is 15,000 psi.
  • Max operating psi will be factory preset @15,000 psi (or to customer specifications, if different).
  • Small footprint (4' x 3')(w/overhead power input port).
  • Used for single work station.
  • Valving for low pressure or high pressure testing (single valve deep w/easy access via hinged rear panel).
  • Redundant high pressure valving (wash-out/leakage protection).
  • Port for chart recorder.
  • All ports side mounted (right side) for easy connections.
  • High pressure (5000 psi)/low pressure quick fill port.
  • Solid stainless steel panel construction (exterior/interor).
  • Complete valving/gauges
  • Jog-boost capability for small test applications (hoses, etc.), located for full gauge view.
  • Individual operational controls (chest-high console mounted for easy operator view).
  • Panel mounted/etched schematic/operational diagram for simplicity in operation.
  • Safety interlocking door (front)(motor cover)(auto shut-off when opened).
  • 1 ea chart recorders/stand (mech, single pin)(includes 1 ea 15' HP test unit/recorder hose).
  • 1 ea test unit/test piece hose, 50', 3/8" high pressure (30k)(4:1 rated)(safety spray burst pattern).
  • Filter elements available in various micron values to accommodate customer requirements (std 10 Micron)
  • Industrial coated parts (all those not stainless steel).
  • Includes water resistant canvas cover (w/velcro front/side closures) for unit.
  • Complete (10 pc) Adaptor set (SS) for Type M swivel connections to various sized test piece fittings.
  • Operations Warning Strobe Light Kit, Amber, explosion proof caution light (top-mounted).