Clover Tool Company

20,000 PSI Test Unit

( CTU-20P-D1-4B )

With over 100 CLOVER BOP (Hydrostatic) Test Units in the
field over the past 10 years without a single failure their solid performance continues to lead the oilfield drilling industry. We have also designed and built customized test units for several drilling

  • Emergency Stop button mounted on unit front.
  • Single or dual work stations (provides redundancy)(manifold for single or dual opns w/isolation valve).
  • Valve box is single-valve deep for easy maintenance (w/easy access via hinged rear panel).
  • Redundant high pressure valving (wash-out/leakage protection).
  • Twin ports for chart recorders (separate-side operation)
  • 2 each hanging chart recorders w/shock mount kits (1K-20K, 1K-30K) dual pin, battery powered
  • 2 each 50' high pressure (36K) (4:1 rated safety burst pattern) w/type M Swivels
  • All ports side mounted (right side) for easy connections.
  • Auxiliary fluid supply connection for direct quick-fill port (5K). 
  • Complete valving/gauges for different operational modes. Switchable w/o opening safety-interlock doors.
  • Individual operational controls for either side.
  • Motors/Pumps color-coded for A side (Red) & B side (Blue) for easy identification for opns/maintenance.
  • Filter elements are available in various micron values to accommodate customer requirements.
  • Unitized stainless steel panel/channel construction (exterior/interor), including frame and body panels.
  • Industrial coated parts (all those not stainless steel).
  • Includes water resistant canvas cover (w/velcro front/side closures) for unit.
  • Operations Warning Strobe Light Kit, Amber, explosion proof caution light (top-mounted), for safety.
  • Complete (14 pc) Adaptor set (SS) for Type M swivel connections to various sized test piece fittings.
  • ABS Type-Approval Certification for design and engineering.
  • Crated for overseas shipping (quick release crate frame, palletized).