Clover Tool Company


Power Tork Deepwater Riser Flange HR-33 and HR-40 Riser Tools - Totally Self Contained

  • Up to 40,000 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Torque and speed tailored to customer requirements
  • Totally self-contained
  • Uses rig hydraulics without hydraulic console or booster control system
  • Decades of proven reliability and customer satisfaction
  • Over 80% market share

Dog Type Riser Torque Packages

The Clover Tool Company CRP-MR/DT-M72/2K-3 Riser Tool Package contains all the tools a rig needs to operate the latching dogs/bosses on the MR6 & DT Series Riser rapidly, safely, and with virtually no damage to dogs/bosses on the riser itself. Instead of using an impact-type wrench that hammers the running screws during both operations (running & pulling), the CRP-MR/DT-M72/2K-3 Riser Tool Package contains three (3 each) lightweight air operated torque wrenches with two-speed automatic (High-Low) gearbox, that run the dogs in at a comfortable, safe speed (70 RPM) and when the dog is snug, gears down to finish the torquing procedure. Once at the preset torque level, this tool stalls and has enough power left to turn the rundown screw to allow the locking plate to set.

With this operation, the need to follow up each actuator screw with a manual torque wrench is negated, making the job faster, safer, and more accurate, since most checks done with the manual torque wrench are done to check that enough torque is applied, very rarely checking to see if too much torque has been applied, which is very damaging to both tools and riser.

With a maximum torque rating of 1475 ft/lb., this tool has the power for both makeup and breakout of most dog-type riser joints. Its light weight (14lbs) and speed (70 RPM), make it a great asset for most dog-type Riser Operations.

HRT-15 Hydraulic Rundown Tool

  • Ability to run directly from rig hydraulics. No hydraulic console required when doing this.
  • Runs nuts and bolts in or out.
  • Runs at up to 585RPM using rig hydraulics or other high volume 2-3k PSI Systems.
  • A 1/2" square drive allows the use of standard off-the-shelf sockets.
  • Easy to handle, weighing only 22lbs. Balanced at the handle for easy maneuverability.
  • Low profile allows use where even the smallest impact tool cannot fit.
  • Speed control valve allows RPM to be set for safe efficient tool operation.
  • Adjustable reaction arm allows universal application usage.