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SOCKETS - All sockets, including those for air impact wrenches, provided by CLOVER TOOL COMPANY (from 1/2" square drive through 3 1/2" square drive) carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage. The reason behind this is the attack point of the sockets, which is the flat area (where more steel is located for strength) instead of the point area like all other socket manufacturers. The point area attack sockets also risk rounding of the bolts/nuts. We can provide any drive size, nut size, in fractional inch sizes or metric sizes, in standard depth or deep well, as fast or faster than anyone else in the business. Give us a try!

ACCESSORIES - See the list of accessories below and call if we can help you. If you don't see what you need, call us. We can help.

    1/2" Square Drive
    1/2" Surface Drive
    1/2" Thinwall
    5/8" Square Drive
    3/4" Square Drive
    3/4" Thinwall
    1" Square Drive
    1" Thinwall
    1-1/2" Square Drive
    2-1/2" Square Drive
    3-1/2" Square Drive
    #5 Spline Drive
    Budd Wheel Sockets
    Regular Extensions
    Double Ended Male Extensions

    Regular Adaptors
    Double Ended Female Adaptors