Clover Tool Company

Torque Wrenches

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

HYDRAULIC - Whatever your application, we have the finest quality hydraulic ratchet to fit making your project faster, safer, and more economical to maintain. These tools will stall upon reaching that preselected torque. No more over-torqued or under-torqued studs; just a consistent, even, quick torque on all bolts on the joint.

  • Available in either lbs/ft or N/m readings, and fractional or metric sizes.
  • Simple flange work (pipeline, BOP, etc.)
  • Large high pressure joints (heat exchangers, reactors, BOP bonnets, etc.)
  • Offshore applications (BOPs, wellheads, deepwater riser joints, subsea equipment, etc.).
  • Tooling available includes standard square drive ratchets (for use with standard impact sockets)
  • Low profile ratchets/wrench systems (for use when working flanges or other hard to reach areas), and `convertible' tools (which offer the ability to handle both the square drive/socket applications and the low profile applications utilizing just one tool).
  • We also have available the most advanced deepwater riser tool on the market today. Tooling power ranges in torque output from 150 ft/lbs torque to over 120,000 ft/lbs torque.

POWER CONSOLE - Where a controlled steady smooth run down and torque is desired.