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Air Powered Systems

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C53500-28 CTU-DA.jpg



Air Powered Hydrostatic Test Units


  • Pressure Configurations Up to 30,000 psi

  • Skid Dimensions: 40" L X 39" W X 49" H (CTU-SA, CTU-DA)

                             61.5" L X 32" W X 56" H (CTU-SAT)

                             40"L X 32" W X 62.25" H (CTU-SFAT)

  • Easy Single Point Lift on All Units

  • 6" Diameter Pressure Gauges for Easy Reading

  • Rupture Disc Over-Pressure Protection

  • Coned and Threaded SST Fittings Used on All Discharge Plumbing

  • 50 Gallon in Frame Tank Option

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C53500-15 CTU-SFAT Front.jpg


C53500-15 CTU-SFAT Panel.jpg
C53500-15 CTU-SFAT Front 2.jpg

Stand Mounted Chart Recorders

C54450-156 Chart Recorder 1.jpg

Standard Footprint: 24" W x 24" L x 36" Tall

12" replaceable pen pressure recorder with bourdon tube element,

24/96 min key wind clock drive with shock mounts.

Includes 1 box (100) charts and 2 boxes (12) pens.

Dual and Single pen configurations

Multiple Pressure Ranges: 1ksi,15ksi,20ksi,30ksi,40ksi

Note: Digital recording options available. High pressure hoses for testing and jumper hoses for connecting recorder available upon request.

Nitrogen Booster Units


CTU-B15_75 Right 1.jpg
CTU-B15_75 Left 1.jpg
  • Nitrogen intensification

  • Stainless Steel Frame with casters

  • Skid Dimensions: 38" L X 15" W X 22" H

  • Nitrogen Inlet Pressure 500 PSI

  • Max Discharge pressure 16,000 PSI @ 90 PSI Air

  • GBT-D15/75 Two Stage Booster

(Other Pressure Offerings Available)​

Custom Packages

Clover Tool Co. has the experience and ability to help develop a package specific to your needs.

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