Air Powered Hydrostatic Test Units


  • Pressure Configurations Up to 30,000 psi

  • Skid Dimensions: 40" L X 39" W X 49" H (CTU-SA, CTU-DA)

                             61.5" L X 32" W X 56" H (CTU-SAT)

                             40"L X 32" W X 62.25" H (CTU-SFAT)

  • Easy Single Point Lift on All Units

  • 6" Diameter Pressure Gauges for Easy Reading

  • Rupture Disc Over-Pressure Protection

  • Coned and Threaded SST Fittings Used on All Discharge Plumbing

  • 50 Gallon in Frame Tank Option

CTU-SA 15 1.jpg

Air Powered Systems

CTU-Air Units.jpg
C53500-15 CTU-SFAT Front.jpg


C53500-15 CTU-SFAT Panel.jpg
C53500-15 CTU-SFAT Front 2.jpg

Standard Footprint: 24" W x 24" L x 36" Tall

12" replaceable pen pressure recorder with bourdon tube element,

24/96 min key wind clock drive with shock mounts.

Includes 1 box (100) charts and 2 boxes (12) pens.

Dual and Single pen configurations

Multiple Pressure Ranges: 1ksi,15ksi,20ksi,30ksi,40ksi

Note: Digital recording options available. High pressure hoses for testing and jumper hoses for connecting recorder available upon request.

Chart Recorder Stand 1.png
Chart Recorder Stand 2.png

Stand Mounted Chart Recorders

Nitrogen Booster Units


CTU-B15_75 Right 1.jpg
CTU-B15_75 Left 1.jpg
  • Nitrogen intensification

  • Stainless Steel Frame with casters

  • Skid Dimensions: 38" L X 15" W X 22" H

  • Nitrogen Inlet Pressure 500 PSI

  • Max Discharge pressure 16,000 PSI @ 90 PSI Air

  • GBT-D15/75 Two Stage Booster

(Other Pressure Offerings Available)​

Custom Packages

Clover Tool Co. has the experience and ability to help develop a package specific to your needs.